Can your gun safe pass the shooting test?

Review of K5 Heavy Duty Biometric Gun Safe

Review of K3 Compact Biometric Gun Safe

  • This is a great gun safe. Finger print scan is easy to use and set up. I like that it comes with a steel cable to also lock the safe. This was in my price range and it gets the job done. I am pleased with this product and would recommend to anyone looking for the same, ie. handgun, passport, cash and valuable documents storage etc.

  • I like that this safe does everything it’s supposed to really well. One thing about biometric safes that has to be easy and always right is the fingerprint scanner because that’s what you will be using in an emergency and this safes scanner can scan your fingers in multiple touch patterns so it works more often then not. I’ve yet to use it in a life or death situation but I have confidence i would get it open quickly.

  • This bedside safe is so awesome. It is built very well. Very heavy compared to the one I purchased at Sportsman.
    I like how you can open this safe multiple ways. Key, keypad, fingerprint, WiFi. The spring is very snappy and it opens extremely quick.
    Compared to many I’ve seen this responds to your fingerprint very fast and recognizes the finger at multiple directions. I love this case and was very surprise by how well it was built.